Brighten Made


A design studio creating modern, artful branding for lifestyle brands.


  1. Posted by ellamarietobinn, — Reply

    Hi! me and a friend are considering starting a business, and we want to try and get a logo, im looking for any graphic designer or anybody who is good at that kind of stuff, if your interested please messenge me!!

  2. Posted by kaylapatterson17, — Reply

    I loce this design because it is so beautiful yet simple. The use of typography here is great. I love how small the one part is compared to the title itself. They are sixed very well to each other.

  3. Posted by ecbejara, — Reply

    This is a graphic design project by Briana Summers and I love the simplicity of this design. It is straightfoward, yet it is so beautifully designed that it immediately draws attention. I love the color palette in this and I think that both the color palette and the simple design both reflect the aspect of sustainability and the products they are selling.

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