The Secrets of E-commerce Giants: Master the Art of Strategic Sourcing

Ever wondered how successful online stores find the perfect products to sell? It's not just luck – it's strategic sourcing, and it can make a huge difference in your business.

Big brands like Nike, Ray-Ban sunglasses, and Apple all source and manufacture their products from Asian countries. One of the major reasons these big brands have huge success, while other small businesses fail, is the right product with the right price, sourced and operated in the right way. The backend of the E-commerce business is as important as the front. 

That's where we come in. We know how to find the best products, negotiate with suppliers to get you a good deal, and ensure everything is top-notch. Plus, we take care of all the boring stuff, like checking if products meet safety standards and making sure they get to you on time.

Our global team look after the A to Z of the sourcing and manufacturing process, including:

  • IP Protection

  • Product Development

  • Manufacturing

  • Quality Control

  • Product Inspection

  • Freight Forwarding

  • Customs Brokerage

  • Logistics & Distribution

Here's how we do it!

Step 1

Product Research

We start by really understanding your business, brand, and what you want to achieve. Take a closer look at the products you want to launch, any concerns you have, and how we can solve your issues. Based on our research on exact requirements, we use our connections in 7 countries to find the best factories for you, making sure they meet our high standards.

step 2

Sampling and Product Development

Our production team will then send you samples from several different suppliers to compare and select the one that best meets your criteria. Once you decide on the best factory, we will negotiate the price and terms on your behalf to ensure maximum ROI and start the production stage.

step 3

Production and Quality Management

During the production phase, we communicate actively and strictly manage our supply partners to ensure high-quality product production. We also send one of our team members from the inspection team to visit the factory and assess pre-, during, and post-manufacturing so that we can mitigate the risk.


Shipping and Logistics

Finally, our freight forwarder team will collect the goods from the overseas factory and bring the products to the warehouse. Our team will handle all freight, clearance, importing and delivery of the goods safely and professionally. We are right there with you all the way from the beginning, working as a trusted extension of your business.

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